Spring 2018 Rehearsal Notes

Dear SCSO Chorus Members, To help the SCSO maintain a professional level, we urge you to kindly add these notes to your scores.

Page 66 At D where it says second tenors, ALL tenors are to sing.
Forrest #6 Page 74 measure 39 Bass Clef: tenors only until Basses come in at measure 44
WHITBOURN Don asks us to be particularly focused on the tempo and rhythms in this piece. It would be very difficult for the orchestra if the chorus were not to be in perfect time with Don.
Page 7and all following identical phrases: Women: please practice this so that all are the same. We are not getting it right until the 3rd or 4th repetition!
Pge18 and 19: alto’s and Basses In measures 140 to 143 you share the exact. Same rhythm but it doesn’t sound like it so far.Don went over the parts with usand would like us to get these measures perfect before next rehearsal. Page 22Men: use an aspirant H sound Not a glottal to begin the “et” and remember tomake the “e” sound tall and…

November 13, 2017 Rehearsal Notes (Includes Archives)

November 13, 2017 Rehearsal Notes There are six pieces to memorize and only three rehearsals left. Don wants the memory work done by next week so please work hard on that. This week he called on singers at random to recite the text we were to have memorized, so be ready! 
Silent Night
Tutti begin at measure 33. Please note at measures 37 and 38 that the  notes for the women are not what you are used to. Sing what is written, NOT what you know.

Sussex Carol Stress consonants At measure  28 move the line forward.Departs is pronounced dih-partsPage 8 at the 9/8 put a glottal stop on the first word.More forceful “f” on forever from measure 83 on.
Grinch Page 20 measure 20 begin the diminuendo here.Page 22 sops, tenors, basses are piano here. Altos sing out, doubling the kids.Final measure Alto1’s sing a bit bigger here.Christmas medleyMen measure 186  and 187 observe the eighth rests
Christmas Lullaby Page 7 from measure 96 Altos bring out your line here through 104.Holiday greetingsPage 3 measure …