November 13, 2017 Rehearsal Notes (Includes Archives)

November 13, 2017 Rehearsal Notes There are six pieces to memorize and only three rehearsals left. Don wants the memory work done by next week so please work hard on that. This week he called on singers at random to recite the text we were to have memorized, so be ready! 
Silent Night
Tutti begin at measure 33. Please note at measures 37 and 38 that the  notes for the women are not what you are used to. Sing what is written, NOT what you know.

Sussex Carol Stress consonants At measure  28 move the line forward.Departs is pronounced dih-partsPage 8 at the 9/8 put a glottal stop on the first word.More forceful “f” on forever from measure 83 on.
Grinch Page 20 measure 20 begin the diminuendo here.Page 22 sops, tenors, basses are piano here. Altos sing out, doubling the kids.Final measure Alto1’s sing a bit bigger here.Christmas medleyMen measure 186  and 187 observe the eighth rests
Christmas Lullaby Page 7 from measure 96 Altos bring out your line here through 104.Holiday greetingsPage 3 measure …

Sac Metro Arts Commission Honors Donald Kendrick

Dear SCSO Members,

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC) is celebrating 40 years of encouraging the arts in our Community.

To celebrate this milestone, SMAC is honoring 8 individuals in Sacramento who have made a huge impact on the arts over the decades.

Muriel Johnson kindly nominated Donald Kendrick and he will receive his award on October 23rd at a special reception downtown. (He'll still make it to our rehearsal too. :)

We salute and congratulate Don on this latest award. For  more than 3 decades he has enhanced our lives by his tireless leadership and devotion to the State (CSUS), Community (SCSO & more) and the Church (Diocese of Sacramento - Schola Cantorum, Vox Nova)

Don mentioned in an exclusive telephone interview that the best way to congratulate him on his SMAC Award is to sell 4-6 tickets each for our Stained Glass concert.

It's a pleasure to share this news on Canadian Thanksgiving Day 2017!

See you tonight.

James McCormick
SCSO President

2017-2018 Brochure - Thanks, Diane and Wells Fargo!

Dear SCSO Chorus Members,

New SCSO 2017-2018 Season brochure now available.
Take a bow, Diane McCormack!
Thanks for creating our stunning brochure for our 22nd season. PDF is on our website.

Please pick up ample copies at rehearsals and share with the world.

Special thanks to our Season Sponsor Wells Fargo for printing 16,000 brochures and mailing out 13,000+ on our behalf. This provides an amazing savings for the SCSO!

If you mail out brochures, kindly add a 49 cent stamp to each brochure.
Know of any key locations (Libraries, Bookstores, Coffee shops?) for these brochures. Kindly take advantage of this outstanding SCSO marketing tool.

Stained Glass Ticket Discounts - Oct. 21, 2017


$5.00/ticket - No $3.50 Vendini fee/ticket
Alumni - $5.00/ticket  - No $3.50 Vendini fee/ticket
Military - $5.00/ticket - No $3.50 Vendini fee/ticket
Group (6 or more) - 25% discount - No $3.50 Vendini fee/ticket

DISCOUNTS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE - ($3.50/ticket processing fee applied)
When purchasing via Vendini online, SCSO Patrons can also enjoy the following discounts.

SCSO - $5.00/ticket - Promo Code: SCSO
Alumni - $5.00/ticket - Promo Code: Alumni
Military - $5.00/ticket - Promo Code: Military
Group (6 or more) - 25% /tickets - Promo Code: Group 

SCSO Member Updates - Sept. 25, 2017

Dear SCSO Chorus Members,

Gjeilo Repertoire Update Reminder

We are trading Gjeilo's Dark Night of the Soul for Luminous Night of the Soul.
We are counting on about 80% of you finding your score from last October 2016 and bringing it tonight.

We have limited copies available tonight for Members who joined since October 2016.

Click here to enjoy a performance ofLuminous Night.(Download or play)


Enjoy our SCSO $5.00 discount/ticket!
Save $3.50 processing fee per ticket!

Enjoy choosing great seats! (CHORUS Stained Glass ticket order form is attached to this Sept. 25th e-mail.

Diane McCormack for recently creating our new 2017-2018 brochure. Available soon.

Ryan Enright & St. John's Lutheran for hosting the world class organist Paul Jacobs yesterday afternoon.

Fore A Partners (via Board Member/Bass George Cvek) for their $3,000 corporate contribution to the SCSO

SCSO Alumna Claudia Richardson for her $1,000.00 …

World Renowned Organist Paul Jacobs Performs in Sacramento

Dear SCSO Members & Friends Let's plan to support our good friend and SCSO Accompanist Ryan Enright AND St. John's Lutheran by attending this amazing performance this Sunday.  Paul Jacobs Organ Concert - September 24 at 3pm St. John's Lutheran Church
1701 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Paul Jacobs, one of the most dynamic performers in todays organ world, is at the very pinnacle of his profession and the first organist to win a Grammy for his work. 

Enthralling listeners from his earliest years, Paul made musical history at the age of 23 when he played Bach's complete organ works in one 18-hour marathon performance on the 250th anniversary of the composers death. He has performed with most of the major orchestras in the U.S. and currently heads the organ department at the famed Julliard School in New York. This concert, on one of Sacramentos largest instruments, is sure to delight all. Check out Paul's bio!

Ticket Prices:
General Admission: $17 in advance ($20 at th…

Sept. 17 Sunday Rehearsal Reminder - Carpool Request

Dear SCSO Members,
Welcome to our September 11th rehearsal this evening! Welcome back, Don!

Sept 17th Sunday Rehearsal Reminder:  A reminder that this Sunday’s mandatory 2:00-4:30 PMrRehearsal at CSUS covers the missed Labor Day holiday Monday.  Lots of detail to clean up during this important afternoon rehearsal. FREE PARKING and we have the campus to ourselves. 

Car Pool Request
We are putting together a Car Pool for one of our new Tenors who needs a ride home after rehearsals.  He lives at 17th and V Street.  If you are able to help out once or twice only, kindly give your name to your Section Rep. Thank you for your support of the Tenors!

Warmest thanks to Catherine Mesenbrink and our Chorus Operations Team for keeping us "humming". See you tonight!

James McCormick
SCSO President